Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's unfortunate when two people find themselves in the midst of a divorce action; it is even more difficult when minor children are involved.  During the divorce, parents may fight over custody of the children, and children are often caught in the cross-fire during the battles and events leading up to the decision to divorce as well as during the divorce process itself.  

Once divorced, it is in the children's best interest for parents to cooperate with each other in order to co-parent.  This is true regardless of the actual time-share.  

Here are 5 tips for effective co-parenting:

1.   DO NOT put your children in the middle, and DO NOT use your children as messengers.  You need to make decisions on behalf of your children WITH your co-parent.

2.   DO NOT disparage your co-parent to the children or in front of the children.

3.  BE CIVIL to your co-parent.  You do not need to be your co-parent's friend; however, for the children's sake, speak respectfully to and about your co-parent, as you would a business associate.

4.  BE FLEXIBLE with your co-parent.  While you may have a set time-share, understand that your co-parent may desire to do something special with the children or wish to take the children somewhere which does not coincide with their scheduled visitation or custodial time.  If possible, do not be rigid in following the visitation schedule and deny your children the opportunity to enjoy this extra activity or time with your co-parent.   You can always ask for make up time. Your children will thank you.

5.   DO NOT treat your children as confidantes.  That's what your family, friends, or a therapist is for.  

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